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How do I participate in Lemon Tree Opinions?

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1. Sign Up

To join the Lemon Tree Opinions community, you have to sign up on our website and answer a few demographic and profiling questions. We will never ask for any private or sensitive information and we keep all stored information confidential and anonymous. From there, you will receive an email inviting you to your first survey!

Answer Surveys

2. Answer Surveys

Each month, we will send you email invitations to participate in our surveys (please mark us as a 'Safe Sender' to ensure our emails arrive in your INBOX). Each survey has a different prize associated with it, along with an entry to win in our monthly draw of up to $20,000.

Win Prizes

3. Get Rewarded Instantly

As soon as you complete a survey, you will instantly receive an entry into our monthly draw.

These prizes are no lemons!

We strive to provide our members with numerous ways to earn prizes that suit their needs. Members can cash out their prizes using any of the following methods. We are always looking to add new payout methods, so check back in a few months! Your rewards NEVER expire.


Amazon Gift Card




Starbucks Gift Card

Best Buy

Best Buy Gift Card


Walmart Gift Card


Staples Gift Card


Cineplex Gift Card

Home Hardware

Home Hardware Gift Card

Hudson's Bay

Hudson's Bay Gift Card

PLUS lots of other prizes!


Lemon Fact - Our Surveys

Every Lemon Tree Opinions survey is made in house with love and care. We don't expose our panel to third-party surveys and always ensure each survey is engaging, thoughtful and relevant to our members. We ensure that each survey takes 15 minutes or less, to make sure our respondents are engaged throughout the experience.

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